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Winter break, for the most part, was supposed to be my "lock down and SEW MY ASS OFF TIME", but after working and going to college with quite literally no vacation time for over a year I ended up basically doing nothing. And since break is winding down now, I decided I'd frankly rather spend my day watching Torchwood than sewing a petticoat and vest.

This isn't to say I didn't do anything. I doodled patterns while watching the screen, coming up with the designs for the vest I need to do, as well as a dress and a nightgown.

Pattern-making is actually what original got me involved in fashion and sewing. When I made my first shirt I had drafted the pattern myself using an already-owned dress shirt as a base. My mother boggled at me, of course, and when I was done I just sort of shrugged and told her "it's like a puzzle."

Mind, my first shirt was in no way impressive. Better than what I see some sewing newbies stumble through (mind, I already knew basic stitches and how to work a sewing machine), but nothing to write home about.

But that line still rings true for me in many ways. Pattern making, for me, is like a puzzle. You need to craft pieces that fit around one static shape--this is, the body of the person you're making something for.

I literally cannot be happy being given a pattern and told to make something from it. The actual sewing is probably my least favorite part of the sewing process. Sure, it's almost zen running something through a machine and getting the seam allowances right, but where's the thought?
Ellie Illusive (whose real name might be something like Elle Jaclyn, depending on who you ask) has a horrible hobby that often involves her running around fabric stores complaining about how none of the blue fabric is Alice-blue. She's deeply in love with steampunk, corsets, wayward Victorian-girl clothing, and spends half of her time pretending she's Shilo from Repo! the Genetic Opera for a Jersey Shore shadowcast.

This blog if for her sewing adventures, since her personal life is kind of boring. Posts may be a little photo-heavy at times.

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